A day in the car-care paradise, a visit to SONAX!

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  • A day in the car-care paradise, a visit to SONAX!

    Bildquelle: SONAX

    The idea was, as the largest German-language forum and portal on the subject of car care in Europe, why not pay a visit to the SONAX Company, the market leader for car-care products in Germany. A polite request and we promptly received approval – the team was overjoyed.

    A date was soon arranged, the agenda and our wishes discussed and our anticipation increased with each passing day. The day finally arrived – 9th July 2015.

    The welcome itself, via PowerPoint, heralded the promise of an extremely eventful day.

    Dr. Manfred Pitsch, Head of Research & Development, Jürgen Hertkorn, Product Manager and Tobias Kral from the Application Engineering Department gave us a warm welcome and provided us with plenty of detailed information on the history of the SONAX Company. This year, the company celebrates its 65th anniversary; in this regard there is more information on the history of the company.PLEASE KLICK

    After we had been well genned up with theoretical knowledge, the visit continued with an extensive tour of the works. First though, for safety reasons, we all donned the reflective vests like good little boys.

    SONAX on TOP!

    Bildquelle: SONAX

    Here you can see the route we took, practically once over the entire company premises.

    State-of-the-art production plants for the manufacture of car-care products.

    It was really fascinating to see how the products emerge from the container, via filling etc.

    Konrad Stelzer was absolutely full of himself in providing us with comprehensive information T^

    SONAX XTREME series: here you can see just how high the level of automation at SONAX really is. This highlights not only the high quality but also the consistency of the quality. After all, the products always have to be of the same quality. Even so, the final inspection is made by the human eye!

    Filling and capping.

    Just stick on the label and it’s ready for despatching – sounds easy enough, doesn’t it, but the opposite is in fact the case. As SONAX exports worldwide to a large number of countries, you can’t just use the same label in various languages – the respective regulations concerning labelling requirements. etc. have to be complied with.

    One production line after another – seemingly without end – for the wide range of different products in the comprehensive portfolio.

    The caravan continues on its journey…

    Here is the new hall with the semi-automatic, high-tech high-bay warehouse – one can only imagine all the care products in it…
    "Not at all, the packaging material is mainly stored here. And the containers. Our own software, which manages the warehouse, helps to keep proper order. "

    SONAX’s TOP quality is also appreciated by many other companies, so that SONAX also fills and produces for a large number of companies, particularly in the professional car sector.

    However, before the products can be sold, they have to be put to the acid test – namely under absolutely REAL conditions, and this, it goes without saying, includes the company’s own car wash.

    The product testing premises would make every car-care heart beat faster :lvit: , we didn’t want to go any more.

    It’s difficult to believe but SONAX controls the polishing pastes exactly as we do. The cut and the gloss are checked using a test spot.

    The rooms are equipped with all kinds of lighting systems. Please note the large spotlight up there on the right, this guarantees 24/7 sunshine at SONAX.

    All types of wheel rims and headlamps, the most exact test protocols, etc...

    It’s the genuine article that’s tested here. Employees make their own cars available, bring ideas with them, etc., this is a big vote of confidence for a high degree of employee satisfaction T^

    On we go in the lab. Hey, you haven’t seen yet what a professional effort is made here to develop the products under real conditions T^T^T^

    Probably the only windscreen washing test bench in the world, half a Mercedes Benz SLK

    This way, precisely defined test procedures (cold/heat/speed/degree and type of pollution, etc.) can be 100% reproduced at any time and compared with competitor products.

    It is no coincidence that for many decades SONAX has been the test winner time and again in the area of windscreen cleaners, etc. – both for summer and winter products ()!

    Here’s a model of a production plant (just look at the first photo in the gallery – there you can see the plant in its original size)

    Here’s a computer-based polishing test bed, we all gazed wide-eyed in awe at it :shckd: , the dream of any tester T^T^
    With constant pressure, driving speed and revs, it is possible to achieve really comparable results. This is the only way to know the answer with certainty – even with minute differences.

    A collection of outstanding SONAX products, just look at that high-security lock :D

    After a break for lunch with a delicious snack and ice-cream, we toured the application area, now we were utterly speechless :-x what an absolutely fantastic hall. I’m still dreaming about it.

    The one wall with the design cabinet modules is crammed full of care products from the floor to the ceiling – this was heaven on earth for us :lvit::lvit:

    Adjustable lighting systems on both sides with non-slip storage options for machines and products, etc...

    Not polished, just treated with a new nano-sealing, the freshness of the colours is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE T^

    Extra a single-tone black, extremely sensitive paint; if you’re going to test, then do it with the right challenge.

    Control using the 6-eye principle 8)

    Here Karsten always has his new accessories with him, the glasses for safe gloss control :smb:

    Well then, who’s going to be the new advertising face of SONAX? Karsten surrenders himself completely into the pose.

    The guys from the "Mit Fell gehts schnell" team were also there.

    A man of action... :D

    And Karsten paying full attention yet again :D

    Control, control, control... it’s really amazing what SONAX products can do T^

    Karsten isn’t giving up in his struggle to get an advertising contract :D

    Peter gets 10 points in the posture score; machine held casually in one hand, cable secured on his back and eyes fully concentrated on the tool T^

    Dr. Manfred Pitsch, Head of Research & Development, patiently answering all the questions in a technical discussion ()! and in the background the guys doing hands-on exercises.

    He’s probably thinking: "Shall I sign the advertising contract now?" :D

    From left to right: Christian/@Himmel:, Karsten/@William:, Markus/@v2.moto:, Peter/@super-pepe:, Helmut/@heli, Thomas/@Gruni:, Jürgen Hertkorn (Product Manager), Tobias Kral (application engineer), Dr. Manfred Pitsch, Head of Research & Production

    After such an eventful day, we were in dire need of refreshment to digest the many highlights and positive impressions.


    We were overwhelmed by the friendliness and warmth we were given throughout the day and taken utterly by surprise by the comprehensive information and insights that SONAX gave us. This was hardly a commonplace experience and it made our care-care hearts :lvit: race faster.

    We would like to give a big thank-you to the SONAX Company and its employees – and in particular to Dr. Manfred Pitsch, Head of Research & Development, Jürgen Hertkorn, Product Manager, Tobias Kral, application engineer and Konrad Stelzer.

    SONAX is not without reason the number 1 in Germany for car-care products and is in the process of conquering the world market :respekt:

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